Will There Be A Portal 3

Portal 3 Updates & Rumors: Will It Happen? | Screen Rant

Portal 3 Has Never Been Confirmed. It appears Valve was aware they were moving away from singer-player experiences in 2011 and thus development on Portal 3 was never confirmed. Portal 2 ends on something of a happy note with GLaDOs releasing Chell.


Will There Be A Portal 3 | Screen Rant

The first-person puzzle-platform game was such a hit amid consumers that it lead to a sequel, Portal 2, which released four years later in 2011. But now that it’s been almost a decade since the second Portal debuted, many wonder if Portal 3 will ever see the light of day. Unfortunately, given the trajectory Valve has taken in recent years, the likelihood of this series being turned into a trilogy is bleak.


Why Valve won’t make Portal 3 – Looper.com

Just because you don’t have Portal 3 doesn’t mean that there’s not more Portal in your life — you just need to look a little harder. While Valve isn’t making an official Portal sequel, it’s …


‘Portal 3’ may never happen and that’s a travesty for all …

Seven years is how long we’ve waited for a Portal 3 announcement. And yet, Gabe Newell has moved on to bigger and better things. With Valve running the show behind Steam, the online game store most…


Will there be a Portal 3? | Yahoo Answers

Have you ever heard the saying “Valve can’t count to 3?” The reason this saying exists is because they have never yet made the 3rd installment of a game. People are dying for them to make Portal 3, Half Life 3, Left4Dead 3 etc. but Valve haven’t made any indication of working on any of these games. There is always the possibility of it being made but at this stage it is unlikely


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So I just re-familiarized myself with just how awesome the Portal games were when I was cleaning out some old hardware and realized I had enough to build a “retro” PC (Athlon X2/compatible board/DDR2/8800GT) and even had an extra Intel 520 SSD that I slapped on there and installed Windows 8.1…


Will there be a portal 3? – Answers

Nothing has been announced as of May 22, 2011. But there is still one unfinished story chell’s past I don’t know if there is going to be a portal 3 but I sure hope so 🙂 SPOILERS!!! I hope there …


is there going to be a portal 3? :: Portal General Discussions

Will there be a Portal 3 some time in the future? We can only hope. #5. ๋ . Aug 29, 2013 @ 10:58am Maybe but that would be about the beta character Mell probably since Chell escaped! But otherwise it probably won’t! However there might be an appearance of the portal gun in the new half life game valve might release, because valve have made a portal icon for the half life 2 weapon list in …


So, will there be a Portal 3? (some people my mention end …

For Portal 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “So, will there be a Portal 3? (some people my mention end game spoilers)”.


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