What Is The Biggest Nether Portal Size

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A view of inside a portal. The biggest Nether Portal size (23×23 exterior, 21×21 opening).


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The biggest size a Nether Portal can get is 23×23 blocks of obsidian. If a player warps from world to world, the direction they are facing is maintained. (i.e. if a player was facing east on the Overworld and they warped to the Nether, they would still be facing east in the Nether).


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It is used for travel to The Nether. The maximum size for a nether portal is 23×23 blocks.


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Nether portals have to follow these Minecraft rules: The portal must be rectangular. If you want a different shape (like a circle), you must use multiple rectangular portals to make the shape. The smallest Minecraft nether portal size is 5×4 blocks, and the maximum size is 23×23.

Minecraft Nether Portal Design Tips & Tricks

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A Nether Portal is constructed primarily by placing Obsidian in a 4×5 Block rectangle; however, the dimensions can be expanded up to a 23×23 size. The Player needs at least 10 Obsidian to build a Nether Portal. The portal is activated by igniting it with Flint and Steel or a Fire Charge. Portal Block


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The portal must be rectangular (e.g. 3×3, 4×2, 3×5, but no circles). It has a maximum internal size of 21×21. It must be at least 3 tall, and at least 2 wide (not including the frame, with the frame that ends up as 5×4).


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A ruined portal in Bedrock Edition. A ruined portal is a naturally generated damaged nether portal, which spawns in both the Nether and the Overworld. It contains some decoration and a loot chest around it. 1 Generation 2 Structure 2.1 Portals 2.2 Blocks 3 Loot 4 History 5 Issues 6 Trivia 7 Gallery 8 References Underside of a ruined portal Ruined portals generate in all biomes in both the …


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You build a 5×5 portal in the overworld, In the nether, the portal generates as a 3×2 portal. how it should be Ex: You build a 5×5 portal in the overworld, In the nether, the portal generates as a 5×5 portal Godcreeperx5 shared this idea.


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