What Is A Spiritual Portal

Spirit Portals: What They Are And How To Identify Them

Spiritual traffic either startles them or is just too much since it’s a lot like having a steady stream of visitors entering your home at all hours of the day or night. If you can’t walk away from the portal you can rely on your spirit guide to help shield you from what comes through the portal

Spirit Portals: What They Are And How To Identify Them

What Is A Spirit Portal? — Amanda Linette Meder

A Spirit Portal is any person, place, or object that acts as a channel for unrelated Spiritual beings to travel to and from the physical realm, we know as Earth. It is usually a natural place that draws or generates energy. The main differences between a vortex and a portal


Spiritual and Psychic Portals | Heather Nodello

The physical and spiritual planes of energy are merging into one. This will allow those that are sensitive and trained to ‘see’ or ‘experience’ the unseen more easily. The more awareness a person has, the less fear there is. Portals are psychic holes within the energy fields which allow ‘beings’ to move in and out of spaces. They are becoming more prevalent because the veil is no longer in place. What does this mean? – More psychic activity on the planet…and incidentally our …

Spiritual and Psychic Portals

Spirit Portals and Energy Vortexes – News Article …

In simple terms a spirit portal is a doorway in the physical world that allows free access to and from the spirit world. The existence of a portal can rely on a vortex of energy to sustain it. This is an area of mass energy in a high concentration, usually originating from magnetic, spiritual or sometimes unknown sources that create powerful eddies that manifest a spiral of energy which can be positive or negative in nature. Vortexes tend to exist where there are strong concentrations of …



We find this to be truth, that wherever there is a spiritual portal, the presence of God will be there in Spirit form. Gates are Openings into the Spiritual Realm! The physical and spiritual realm, though intertwined, are separated by walls that do not allow much interaction between the two, it is only through gate of heaven passages that such interaction is allowed to take place.


How to Locate & Close Spirit Portals. – The Magickal …

Portals are either an entry or exit point to the physical world from the spirit world. The next step is to use your pendulum to identify which type of portal you have discovered. This is also very simple. Your pendulum will be swinging either in a clockwise or counterclockwise circle.

How to Locate & Close Spirit Portals.

Doorways To The Other Side: Am I A Portal? Is My House A …

A portal is a doorway, a gateway from one place to another place. It’s a location where energy, matter, people, and Spirits can transfer between one side and another. It’s a crack in the veil, a place with a large funnel of energy coming in. Portals are openings in the Universe through which energy and information flow.


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