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Jamf Now

Jamf Now is a cloud-based, mobile device management (MDM) solution for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices at work. We make device management easy and affordable for everyone, so you can support your users without help from IT.


Apple geräte verwalten | Mobile Device Management | Jamf

Apple Geräte verwalten mit Jamf bedeutet leistungsstarke Funktionalitäten, Konfigurationsoptionen und Kom­pa­ti­bi­li­tät mit bestehenden Tools. Mit unseren Verwaltungslösungen können Sie effizient eine beliebige Anzahl an Apple Geräten verwalten. Ihre Endbenutzer genießen die sofortige Arbeit mit einem vorkonfigurierten Gerät gleich nachdem es aus der Box kommt, einem …


Home – Jamf School

Login. ZuluDesk Parent; ZuluDesk Teacher; Jamf School Management System; Jamf School . The need for simplified education technology workflows is at an all-time high. With Jamf School, leverage a solution built exclusively for teachers, instructional technologists and education IT that maximizes Apple hardware for learning purposes — inside and outside of the classroom. Complete with teacher …


Jamf Connect Login User Experience – Jamf Connect …

Local Account Migration. Jamf Connect Login can connect existing local user accounts to IdP user accounts using the User Migration setting. The following steps describe the process a user should experience when User Migration is enabled.. After Jamf Connect Login is installed, the macOS login window is replaced with the Jamf Connect login window.


Jamf Connect Login with Okta – Travelling Tech Guy

The latest versions of Jamf Connect Login don’t need the authchanger to be flipped manually (by tweaking the postinstall script above) anymore. Just rename the official installation pkg to have ‘Okta’ in the name and the authchanger will be flipped to Okta for you upon installation. Upload it to your Cloud Distribution point and add the package to your Jamf Pro pre-stage. Next, we need to …

Jamf Connect Login with Okta

Using NoMAD Login With Jamf DEP Workflows

NoMAD Login is a login window replacement for macOS that allows you to authenticate to Active Directory to create a local account mirroring AD credentials. It’s often used in conjunction with NoMAD as a way to access AD features without requiring an actual bind. One of the most popular use cases is provisioning local accounts as part of a DEP deployment workflow.


Apple DEP | Apple Device Enrollment Program | Jamf

Jamf Pro and Jamf Now integrate with Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) — now part of Apple Business Manager — so you can automatically enroll and configure new Macs, iPads, iPhones or Apple TVs remotely. Make time-consuming imaging and manual configurations a thing of the past. Together, Jamf and Apple DEP go beyond the basic mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to help you …


Testing Network Authentication – Jamf Connect …

In Jamf Connect Configuration, click Test > OIDC. Log in with a valid username and password that has been assigned Jamf Connect Login in your IdP’s admin console, portal, or a similar tool. One of the following will occur: If you successfully authenticate, your configuration is working and ready to save.


Integrating with Microsoft Azure AD – Jamf Connect …

Creating a New App Registration. Log in to the Microsoft Azure Portal.. Click the Azure Active Directory in the left sidebar.. Click App registrations, and then click new registration.. Enter “Jamf Connect” or something similar the Name field.. Select Accounts in this organizational directory only under “Supported account types”.. Choose “Public client (mobile & desktop)” from the Redirect URI …


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