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Employer Portal –

The Employer Portal is for employers who hire temporary workers through the International Mobility Program (imp).It lets employers submit offers of employment for temporary workers who don’t need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (lmia).Some employers don’t need to submit an offer of employment in the Employer Portal or pay the employer compliance fee.

Sign in to your IRCC secure account –

Sign in to your IRCC secure account. A recent cyberattack has affected a small number of IRCC accounts accessed through GCKey. We locked these accounts to protect them from unauthorized access. We sent an email to affected users to explain what to do next. If you get an email from us, follow the steps to reactivate your account. Verify the following in the email before clicking on any links …

Employer Portal enrolment guide –

An employer is any organization that submits an offer of employment to IRCC, as required under the International Mobility Program (IMP). The first person from any business to complete the Employer Portal enrolment will be the primary user for that entire business account. A branch is a subsidiary of an organization owned and operated by an employer. . Each branch must have the same nine-digit …

I can log into my account in the Employer Portal, but I …

Make sure you enrolled in the Employer Portal and not in one of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s other portals. If your enrolment request lists “Designated Learning institution”, “Authorized Paid Representative” or anything other than “Employer Portal”, you did not choose the right portal.

IRCC – iCARE – Login

If you suspect that others have obtained your Username and Password, contact us by clicking on the “Contact Us” on the iCARE login page immediately. You accept responsibility for ensuring your computer is up to date to avoid potential denial of access for security reasons.

Using the Employer Portal –

I can’t create an account in the Employer Portal because the information I entered already exists. What do I do? I can log into my account in the Employer Portal, but I can’t submit an offer of employment. What is the problem? I’ve completed all the offer of employment forms in the Employer Portal, but I still can’t submit it. What should I do?

Employer Portal user guide –

To sign in to the Employer Portal Go to the Employer Portal sign in page. Choose the secure credential you used to create your portal account (Sign-In Partner or GCKey). Sign in using your username and password.

IRCC Employer Portal – Offer of Employment and Employer …

IRCC Employer Portal – Offer of Employment and Employer Fee. Starting October 26, 2015, CIC is introducing a new electronic system, the Employer Portal. With the introduction of the Portal, units will no longer be able to submit information and make payments directly to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

IRCC Webform –

proof of the urgency (e.g. a doctor’s note, death certificate, or letter from your employer). You wish to report a technical issue with IRCC online services. Please select ‘Technical Difficulty’ as your application/enquiry type and ensure you provide: type of application (work permit, study permit or visitor record, etc) in the ‘Your enquiry’ field; approximate date that the application was …

Authorized Paid Representatives Portal –

This portal allows authorized paid representatives (APR) to complete, pay for, and submit online applications on behalf of their clients. Read these guides to find out: How to create an account (Enrolment Guide) November 2016; How to use the APR portal (User Guide) June 2019

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