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Hukoomi – Your Official Gateway to Information and …

Qatar e-Government Portal – Hukoomi is the official gateway to all information and services you need to live, work or stay in Qatar.!ut/p/a1/jY9dC4IwFIZ_Sz8g9kGOdWmjxkSJGJbtJk7FbKCbqAT16zPvM8_dged5z3mRQQUyHp6uhN4FD9V3N-yipBBSr5jChy3FSkQM64QQmbIBOA_Aes8F4RxLGWmBFaU54bsjwRs8z8c_Jv7rJzMO0DYTWYlMA_1j6bwNqK

Metrash2 – Hukoomi – Qatar E-government –

The login screen appears where you enter your password. The main Metrash2 service menu is displayed for you to start using it. Follow these steps to subscribe to the Metrash2 through SMS: Send a text message to 92992. To activate: M2R<QID><ID Expiry Date> To cancel: M2D<QID><ID Expiry Date>!ut/p/a0/RYqxDoMwDAW_pUNmB7p1Q13agYkByuaCFSyCEwWT_n7JUHV6d7oHIwwwCmZ2qBwE_emvz7TdIupiqmvzONYQNjZVbXt6l7kHURI19pdsRynzRLuxT5k583ygL0-Pp4orGNGV3pIm3Jf6T9CRQFybyxc8GN7v/

People – Hukoomi – Qatar E-government

You may find out through Qatar e-Government Portal – Hukoomi the nearest school for your child, how to issue a driving license and get familys, in addition to lists of all hospitals, health centers, sports clubs, shopping malls and public parks, among other services and information you need to facilitate your stay in Qatar. Government Qatar e-Government Portal – Hukoomi is a platform …

Check Details on “My Data” Page – Hukoomi – Qatar E-government

Login to Hukoomi using your username and password. Choose the details you would like to check from the list on the right side menu.

Qatar Portal- Home Page

Apply for Exceptional Entry Permit to Qatar This service allows employers, whether individuals or companies, government or private sectors, to submit an application via Qatar Portal to enable Qatar residents to enter the State of Qatar.

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