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Cubapack Envios

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iMedidata | Login

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Excel Viewer, Editor for Drive

This viewer lets you view and edit Excel files online without leaving your browser. The supported file formats are MS Excel Workbook (.xls & .xlsx), xlsb, xlsm documents. It is a fast and light weight app for Excel type documents.

Deploying a Flask Application to Heroku – Stack Abuse

Introduction In this tutorial you will learn how to deploy a Flask application to Heroku. The app can be as simple as a “Hello World” app to a social media monitoring platform! Nowadays there is no business that doesn’t have a web app to help it a reach greater audience, or maybe provide its services through an online portal. Today you are about to learn how to make an API using Flask as a …

Azure Active Directory admin center

Azure Active Directory admin center

Test Live Streaming |

Home Monitor History Contact Us Login Test Your Stream Free and easy to use web based stream tester utility, show bitrate, audio and video codec, fps and other common configuration. Features Geo IP The geolocation feature will retrieve the location, country, ISP from any IP or hostname from stream URL tested. Test Location Test and monitor your stream from multiple location Monitor List Create …

Building a login system with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript …

Building a login system with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 5th Feb 2020. I built a login system with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript when I made Learn JavaScript’s student portal. I’d like to share this system with you since it seems to work well. How the system works. The system goes like this: Let user login at the login page

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