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As of 5/20/2020 users who have access to both the PPMC Portal and the new CORE Provider Portal will no longer be automatically redirected to the CORE Provider Portal upon login to the PPMC site. New and existing users must navigate directly to using their existing login credentials (i.e user ID and password) to manage their assigned IPA membership.

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Provide User Information (this user will be the account admin and can add addtional users): First Name: Last Name: Email: Position at the Provider’s Office:


I confirm under pain of penalty that the username and password used herein is mine. I also confirm that all information and action to be encoded, logged or made in the system will be true and correct.


Enter your User ID and password (Introduzca su ID de usario y contraseƱa) * User ID or Email:

Provider Registration | FirstChoice Medical Group

Through the FirstChoice Medical Group secure and easy-to-use provider portal, healthcare providers can: Submit claims; Check on the status of their claims


Big Sky Managed Care 915 1st Ave S Ste 110, Great Falls, Montana 59401 Phone No: (406) 315-1989 Fax: (406) 315-1988

CORE Portal

If you need assistance, please call the Provider Portal Support Line at 877-875-7329 toll-free, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

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Welcome | FirstChoice Medical Group

Providers. We understand that physicians have incredible demands on their time and are frequently asked to take on more administrative tasks. FirstChoice Medical Group’s goal is to relieve as much of the administrative burden as possible, allowing you to focus your skills and energy on patient care.

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