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At the present time, all services are actively being delivered from our Global IBM X-Force Command Center. All systems within the IBM MSS SOC are operating under normal conditions. If you are experiencing any difficulties, contact us at: Phone: (877) 563-8739 / Intl Phone: +1 (404) 236 3290 / Email:

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Please Answer the Following Question. why? Remember this computer

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IBM Managed Security Services –

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MSS Submission Portal

All submitters must access the online portal by logging in to the MSS website*. You do not have to be a member to submit to the annual meeting program. However, you will need a MSS profile and those selected to present will need to purchase or renew their membership.

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ESS/MSS Customer Secure Login Page. Login to your ESS/MSS Customer Account.


HAVE IBM MSS CUSTOMERS BEEN TARGETED? We have investigated the domains and IP addresses known to have been used by the Energetic Bear group. It can be difficult to attribute events to Energetic Bear activity due to the use of compromised sites that may have been in use for only a short period of time. Events generated outside of known dates of Energetic Bear compromise cannot be directly …


MSS raised the threat level to AlertCon 2 on September 24 and posted information about this vulnerability and related attacks on the MSS portal. MSS will continue to update this information as the situation changes. MSS subsequently declared the situation an “Internet Emergency” and raised the threat level to Alerton 3 on

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Medicine Surveillance System. Medicine Surveillance System includes Production Supply Chain Manamgent, Central Medicine Database, Surveillance, Phamacovigilance, Drug Inspectors, DTL, PQCB, DRUG Court and Manufacturer, Whoelsaler/Distributor, Retailer.

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