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Click to access “THE ROAD BACK”RESTART & RECOVERY PLAN2020-2021 (updated 9/24/2020) NEW: Return to School Parents and Guardians Letter COVID-19 10/22/2020


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Staff Resources – Asbury Park School District

Asbury Park School District is a community of lifelong learners, all invested in education. Our staff is the lifeblood of the Building A Brighter Future movement and fosters a learning environment where every child can reach their potential.


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‘core’ default password is not documented. · Issue #10 …

In docs/using-coreos/ the default user is shown to be core NOTE: the user for ssh is core. When I try to log in via ssh, I am prompted for a password — the default password is neither empty nor core — the obvious choices. What …

How can I change the default user shown in the login screen?

This unchecks automatic login for other users, and automatically logs into that user without a password. If you are worried about not having a password, encrypt your disk instead (will ask for a password before login screen). If an attacker gets your hardware, the login password alone will be useless (he can just mount your partition).

Set Default User for Windows Subsystem for Linux Distro in …

Linux user accounts are not only independent per distribution, they are also independent from your Windows 10 user account. The default user for a WSL distro is the user that is automatically signed in by default when you run the WSL distro. You can set the default user for a WSL distro to root (aka: built-in Administrator) or any available user for that WSL distro. See also: Linux User …

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